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report print email Source: Editorial: 2010 in review: More incorporation talk, less new business
It never ends...
December 30, 2010 | 07:03 PM

Could someone please pull Mr. Monroe's head from his backside and make him understand that now is not the time to continue wasting the town's money.

For the love of God, fix the roads, fix the street signs, clean up the area, attract businesses and stop this foolishness...

Do they really think Lake Geneva or Genoa City wants ANY part of Pelltucky, North Wondertucky, Pellabama, or whatever it's called these days???

Does ANYONE from the "85" signatures look at this website, can ANYONE point out the benefits of Incorporation other than supporting it because they are one of Monroe's cohorts? Aren't taxes high enough for what little services Pell Lake has????

Is it just me?????