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Local Resident
January 04, 2011 | 04:39 PM

First off where is it any of your business or anyone else's what she has or is doing with her life and who she is doing it with? Who appointed you sheriff over morals in the first place? You have the nerve to bring up peoples morals with the commenting you have done against people. Second as for serving on the Town of Geneva Police Department. Looking at all the bashing of the police department why would anyone want serve this township. Their efforts are never appreciated or acknowledged. All they ever get is their character assassinated at every chance. If people would back the Town of Geneva Police Department and not tear it down maybe people wouldn't leave. But, No childish antics like what has been written on this site about our Former Chief Gritzner, Officer Haase and Reka do not make it a pleasant community to want to serve. No one is saying they are perfect. ALL of us including you and myself have done things at one time or another we are not happy about. Now that being said who are any of us to judge these people in their personal life. There is an old saying and I don't know it exactly but it basically says " DON'T JUDGE UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE JUDGED"

Concerned Resident
Walworth County