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kulik shouldnt be negotiating anything
January 12, 2011 | 06:33 PM

Kulik becomes the negotiator and the fees go up from previously negotiated contract prior to his involvment? Anyone have a problem with that? This guy is making "objective" decisions for all of us? He has spent most of his time objecting to everything and spreading false information to further his agenda. He argues with everyone on just about every issue.

I am glad lauderdale stuck to his guns on this one. Paratech is a good service, and I like a profit and outcomes based company providing services, they are motivated to provide quality outcomes and remain competitive....perhaps government should start making decisions like this, it would definately help to manage the spending..... I agree we need to become a village before we continue to be held hostage by all our surrounding townships on many levels, especially if we lose our solid leadership.

Perhaps storms was still angry he got a ticket from one of our police officers....good job Mulhollon.......and good job Lauderdale and thanks for sticking up for the taxpayers and making an informed decision, not a politically correct one.

geneva resident happy with paratech
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