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Trouble maker
January 14, 2011 | 07:34 AM

yep....the soft science approach works everytime. you can spin whatever endpoint you want. I see in other newspaper articles, Kulik and his son have participated in several local running events, running raises blood pressure as well. Again, I point out, for example if he had been running on some remote road and had this issue, the outcome could have been devastating for him and his family. He is lucky it happened in the presence of help.

Perhaps Kulik was the instigator. He has been noted to get pretty heated when he doesnt get his way. Perhaps politics is not the role for him to be in. I would say from reading his public comments on several issues, compromise is not a strength he has, he tends to appear myopic on issues. my way or the highway.

I do have 1 question. This was a closed meeting, so how did someone know what happened? Why is Kulik the angel here? What really did happen in that meeting? Can he even recall, if he had a seizure? He has chosen to run for office, he has put himself in that spot....if you cant handle the heat in the kitchen get out. I am surprised he would even want to be a liasion for the LGFD considering the obvious conflict of interest.

Bottom line, It is a shame that due to inflexibility it seems LGFD lost the contract, especially after such a long tenure, but perhaps they should use this as a learning experience.

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