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report print email Source: Editorial: Property tax increases send chill to homeowners
concerned citizen
January 14, 2011 | 07:54 AM

Good points. Ask your politicians what they are doing to bring new economic growth here? Here is some facts to chew on: property valuation dropped in walworth county more than the state this year. Our county has a median income that lags the state and a population that is growing at a quicker rate. Every wage sector with the exception of the hospitality sector (the lowest wage sector) lags the state average wage, and the surrounding counties. Over the last 10 years the most robust growth has been in the lowest paying sector. Many of our county's schools have a 40% or higher reduced or free lunch enrollees, LG and Delavan Darien. Property taxes go up have to go up, because demand for municipal services generally do not, and in a lower income population the demand tends to be highest on those services. Our local leadership needs to wake up. This is a perfect storm that has been brewing, but in good times noone tends to notice.

another concerned citizen
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