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local resident
January 17, 2011 | 06:58 AM

It is not the number of businesses really but the number of quality paying jobs these businesses create. How many of the businesses in Lake Geneva are mom and pop and they can only support themselves and maybe 1 or two others? Not a lot of jobs for the number of people needing work. Remember it isn't just having a job, but being able to earn a fair living to survive too. Also look we lost Trostel a large enough company, the group who lost Hillmoor were denied their plan and let us not for get the 25 year plan by Mirabeau/Hummel lost. There have been plenty of business ideas brought here and voted down. Now for the alderman who went to work in Chicago. All we hear is how great it is to be here then why is there the need to go 100 miles to Chicago and work. If life is so great here and good jobs are plentiful then there should be no need for a public official to work elsewhere. That tells me he knows this area is declining otherwise he wouldn't need to seek work elsewhere.

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