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My head is ready to explode
January 17, 2011 | 09:49 AM

Reading some of these posts. My god people, of all the things that council members do that would be legitimate areas to criticize, where a person works is not one of them. While I agree that the city has done little or nothing to attract business to the area, let's be honest, at best we still couldn't compete with the wages that one can make working in Chicago. It also amazes me that some people think that Hillmoor's golf course or the "new spa & resort" at Mirabeau/Hummel somehow constitute "good paying jobs". Try filling out an application at one of the current spa/resort/golf courses in the area and you'll find out they're FAR from good paying jobs, unless you count $.50 above minimum as good paying. If you want jobs that people can make a living at, then you need to attract INDUSTRY not another hoytee toytee resort. I'm also stunned at the number of people who seem to think that because we eliminated a position in city government that suddenly everything will go to hell and people will be getting the screw job on assessments. Makes me wonder how many of these people are basing this on facts or just friendship with the person who lost their job?

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