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report print email Source: Editorial: BREAKING - Elkhorn man pleads not guilty in fatal crash that killed local boy
January 21, 2011 | 11:28 AM

The charges brought against Jeremy C. Dees include homicide by negligent use of a vehicle and two misdemeanor counts of reckless driving causing injury.
To my knowledge, Carter Dorwin was not at school the morning of November 16th with his classmates, nor will he ever be in school again. Carter Dorwin was not in his bed the morning of November 17th, nor any morning since then. Carter Dorwin was not at his little brother's birthday party on December 4th, and his brother will never celebrate hsi birthday with his big brother again. Carter Dorwin was not at any family Christmas celebrations, nor will he ever be at a family Christmas gathering again. Carter Dorwin was not celebrating the New Year with his family, and he will never see the year 2011 or any other new year. Carter Dorwin was not there to wish his mother a "Happy Birthday" this year, nor will he be around to wish his father a "Happy Birthday" in a few weeks. Carter Dorwin will never celebrate his 10th birthday, or another birthday--ever.
Carter Dorwin will never see another milestone here on this Earth, Jeremy C. Dees, because your negligent driving killed my nephew and left a permanent hole in our family that will never be filled. Your carelessness, whether caused by your inattentiveness or by your "Demons" that have been torturing your mind, have cost our family dearly.
Now, Mr. Jeremy C. Dees has the audacity to plead "Not Guilty". I wonder who, if not Jeremy C. Dees, was at the wheel of that SUV that slammed into Carter and ended his life. The SUV that injured Carter's mom, Nicole, and injured Carter's little 4 year-old brother. The SUV that caused injuries so horrific to Carter,that it gives Carter's mom and brother, who saw sights unimaginable, to have nightmares and resulted in a closed-casket funeral for our Carter.
Be a man, Jeremy C. Dees, and admit your wrong-doing. Do the right thing.

Carter's Auntie
Walworth County