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report print email Source: Editorial: BREAKING - Elkhorn man pleads not guilty in fatal crash that killed local boy
A Chess Match
January 21, 2011 | 05:22 PM

Unfortunately the legal system can be like a chess match sometimes. You block a pawn but eventually the lady will come in and check mate. In the end lady justice will prevail because the evidence will be there to support the charges. It is obvious. We all need to be patient at this point and wait for the eventual guilty verdict to come in. In the meantime we need to be mindful to all parties involved, family, friends, police, rescue and medical as so many have been affected by this tragedy. I believe 100% that justice will be served; however it will never bring back the beautiful young boy. Please keep all in your thoughts and prayers as nobody will ever be happy with the outcome. Stay strong Dorwin's. There are many around you who are here to support.

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