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to the guy that seems to think that "badger" is the best team ou
January 24, 2011 | 02:37 PM

Why would you begin to compare a high school team and semi pro team, You're either A. a kid from badger that isn't good enough to play or B. an old washed up guy that can only talk from behind the keyboard. Having said that you're about to judge how good individuals are because how their team is? That is completely ridiculous. You're a coward too because if you weren't you would have attached your name to that. Being one of the Williams Bay people to try out I know that our home high school team isn't "good" to put it lightly but that doesn't mean that all players from the bay cant play ball.

Everyone seems to be a critic, You stay behind the computer and keyboard and we'll move on and do our thing and prove ourselves on Saturday nights this summer.

On a better note good article Mike, You did good and I think everyone was sore the next day haha

Brock, DE
Williams Bay
Walworth County