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My car has been infested with bed bugs for months!! Just recieve
January 29, 2011 | 10:54 AM

I fear that the bed bugs are cacooning in my seats because when they come out they would be dead from the cold. I fear when spring comes. My seats are so bent up from vacuming so much under the seats and there are gobs of blood stains and i took 2 nest out. My daughters fathers buiding was infested in Carol Stream Illinois and we did not know. I live in Lake Geneva and my 9yr.old daughter and I just recieved a hud section 8 voucher which was recieved on January 21, 2011.
I DESPERATELY need help in both these areas. That voucher is only good for 50 more days and I would like to find a place that has no bed bugs or roaches. My poor daughter has not been at her father's house until he moves which he is in the process of doing.
I would be a wonderful tenant for someone in Lake Geneva. I'm very, very clean and organized. I NEVER smoked cigarettes, was never a drug addict or alcoholic. The people I associate with are staff from Lake Geneva youth camp, Friends from Mt. Zion, Calvary, and Chapel on the Hill and Immanual at bible studies. My daughter is a very nice smart student and I would like to raise her in a nice home and community.
I do not want to be in a complex that has riff raff. I have lost family because of the low income situations and they were worried I would get hooked up with the wrong people and they were in fear I would bring someone in thier home that would steal. I'm broken-hearted because they would think that. If I can get into a lower level of a house with a backyard would be nice. I miss that, I was a victim of abuse in my first marriage, in and out of shelters for abused woman. My mom and died and had noone to help me. But I truly have God and HE has been so wonderful to me. I will ALWAYS keep my FAITH and TRUST nomatter what.
If you can help me out in any way, my phone is: 224-489-5707. My name is Annette and I'm reaching out for help because my daughter and I deserve to be in a nice home. Our passion is to help the elderly and my past employer will give an awesome reference. I took care of a blind man for years, the nicest client I ever had. My brother that lives in Pell Lake put my grandmother in a nursing home in Henderson Nevada. Please pray that he brings her back here so we can see her. Thank you much.

Annette Jett
Lake Geneva
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