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Comment on Sen Kedzie's view of things
February 10, 2011 | 01:11 PM

What the senator does not mention is that this legislature is taking steps to make sure that any budget problems are solved by cuts and not tax increases. He also fails to clarify that the problems as in most other states are the general result of the recession, not necessarily just that WI spent too much. A recession cuts tax revenue and you get behind.

The state legislature has taken steps to insure that they cannot even pass a measure which would be needed for more tax revenue. They voted to require a 2/3 majority to increase any taxes while a majority is needed for cuts or other legislation. While many would applaud this move, it is somewhat dangerous in that if we need revenue in the future, it will be harder to obtain. Lets hope that the pending spending cuts do not leave too many people out in the cold. While WI did have some higher personal taxes, we also have a great state with good roads and schools.

Williams Bay
Taste of Wisconsin