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To Not Surprised at All and P.S
February 10, 2011 | 06:03 PM

First of all in the cold weather if a emergency call comes in and the officer needs to accelerate quickly it is less stress on a warm running engine than a cold one. Also to P.S were you working that night during the height of the Blizzard? I'll guess not, but it is easy to sit in the warmth of your home and pass judgement on those who had no choice but to work out in the cold, windy weather and heavy snow. If you can do it better feel free to become an officer and show how good you are. Until you and many others can walk a mile in the officers shoes keep your ignorant comments to yourself.
I am tired of our Geneva Township Police Dept always being bashed by people who haven't got what it takes to do what they have to do, but rely on them to come to their rescue and beckon call. Job well done in extreme weather conditions to our Police Dept.

Concerned Resident
Taste of Wisconsin
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