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To: Chew on that
February 11, 2011 | 07:01 AM

You missed my point on the decommissioned vehicle. My point is this if you are taking a Police vehicle away from that dept due to costs. Why make it an errand vehicle for the staff at the Town Hall? Where are you saving money? You are just shifting the cost somewhere else and not saving any money. I believe those vehicles are bought thru the Police budget. If the Township wanted it for an errand vehicle it should have been purchased from the Police Dept and that money put to use by the Dept for other needed equipment. That is also why I said the insurance money that they will get should go to the Police Dept for their use. Also our Town Hall staff doesn't need an errand vehicle like that. If they need to go on an errand let them use the plow truck or their own vehicle and pay for mileage like the rest of the world does.
You also say that the Blazer was not made for the use as a Police squad. Well the same holds true then for the Chargers. Right? Most Police vehicles are upgraded standard vehicles I believe. Made with certain modifications such as an interceptor engine, better steering, frame and so on and it makes sense to have a 4 wheel drive vehicle with all the open roads in this Township.

Concerned Resident
Walworth County