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report print email Source: Editorial: Breaking: Dees guilty of killing 9-year-old Carter Dorwin
Some Closure
February 12, 2011 | 01:29 PM

It is a relief to see that this guy finally has the guts not to put the family through another ordeal. For once he has done something sensible in this entire tragedy.

State lawmakers need to make drunk driving laws in Wisconsin much tougher. Look at this guy's record. No one should get 3 drunk driving convictions.....ever.

Conviction #1 should be a tough sentence. If one gets a second conviction, it should be a felony, jail sentence, and permanent loss of driving PRIVILEGES. Remember people, you are driving a 3000 lb. rocket loaded with gasoline.

He should get 10 years of incarceration, minimum. He should NEVER drive a car again. And he should be sent to every high school driving class in the State and tell kids what happens when they don't handle a vehicle with care.

Carter Dorwin will not get the chance to do anything. This guy should not get any pity from anyone.

Some Justice
Walworth County