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February 19, 2011 | 11:13 AM

Our government, from local up to Federal, needs to change. Why are we shipping billions of dollars out of the country to help other countries in need when we're falling apart here? Why are we allowing people to use entitlement programs that are clearly abusing it? Why do we allow law breaking people to continue to do so? Why do we allow illegal aliens to hold jobs that law abiding citizens should hold? Why are we pushing bills into law with other laws buried inside them? There is so much waste going on in this country... yet they're looking past it to attack public employees. Should they (public employees) pay more into their benefits? ABSOLUTELY! The rest of the country is taking a hit, so they should do their share as well. Should they lose their collective bargaining rights? Certainly not. Corporations are nothing without their employees, and employees are unemployed without corporations... so there needs to be mutual give and take on both sides. This recession has permanently changed the way our country will run. Changes need to be made for the greater good, and it's going to sting for a while. The few who can skate by mostly unaffected are very lucky, but the majority are going to feel it. Everyone should have access to healthcare, and everyone should pay the same percentage... the cost should not be on the shoulders of the taxpayers.

Walworth County