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At fisrt I sided w/Walker....
February 22, 2011 | 10:02 AM

Until I got all the facts. As I understand it the public workers are fine with paying into their pensions and health insurance they just want their bargaining rights. Is that so bad? Just because they have the right to bargain does not mean they are going to get what they want. Also I learned Teachers cannot collect Social Security. Now I know they do not pay into it but what about the years leading up to being a teacher? I am sure many of them had other jobs where they did pay into it and now they will never get a chance to get it back. Also I know alot of them have second jobs such as servers and I am sure they have to pay into social security and they will not ever get that either. I don't know if these Demtards did the right thing leaving or not, time will tell. But I do think Walker should understand what he is up against and quit being so bullheaded and work with them. I do think it is funny listening to Charlie on 620 and he is crying about pictures of Walker being compared to Hitler. Just like the Repubtards make Obama out to be a socialist. Both sides are really a joke and will never get along and therefore we will not get very far as a country.