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These stories always bring tears to my eyes...
February 22, 2011 | 11:01 AM

As a retired 72 year old widow, money is very tight but never so much as it has been this past year with $6,000 in dental bills. I give $25 to the Time is Now when I can but haven't been able to do it recently. I hope people who read these stories and are moved by them, will dig deep and find a way to give whatever they can.

Please help - ever single penny goes to the people who need it! Sal can't do this job alone; he needs the help of every concerned citizen and organization as more and more people lose their jobs and homes. It's especially heart breaking when people have health problems such as happened in this situation and in another some weeks ago where the husband died of cancer and his family needed to move to another state. Sal and his wonderful organization helped them to be resettled with her family before he died.

Pamela deRoy
Lake Geneva, WI
Taste of Wisconsin