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04:30 news
February 23, 2011 | 06:18 AM

Just heard on the 04:30 news that these union people are ticked because they want automatic pay raises instead of "earning" their pay raises.
Gee! We actually have to do good and prove that we deserve a pay raise! Duh!
What a concept!
The unions were good back in the old days when kids were forced to work instead of getting their education & parents were working 60-70 hour weeks to support their families. This isn't the case now. It's about time we cut these unions out. This is bull where people are making $25.00/hr when they should only be making $12-15.00/hr. because that is all the job should pay but no... now we ship our jobs out to other countries because of the unions screwing the country.
I say knock out the unions & the people that don't want the pay cuts will find themselves BEGGING for employment while the smart ones just got their available jobs.

Walworth County