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Hang in There Teachers
February 23, 2011 | 11:00 AM

To be fair to the kids in school, the local teachers did the right thing by showing up for work and continuing to provide a great education to their students. I did not know until recently that WI sits second in the nation in ACT scores; a statistic that reflects the quality of teachers we have. It is no coincidence that the states with some of the lowest average scores are those whose state governments had declared collective bargaining illegal. Why would any young person want to teach in an environment where they have no say in how this are done in their profession? I'm afraid that this budget "repair" bill as it is called is going to cause so much damage to this great state that it will take years and years to recover. While many states are addressing their deficits with reason, several are moving down this slippery slope towards joining the rest of them at the bottom. This is all happening at a time where education is the only thing we have to pull our country out of one major mess. Lets hope that this thing can at least be reversed in the future.

Hang in there all you teachers and good luck.

Williams Bay
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