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This just in...
February 27, 2011 | 09:42 AM

Illegal immigrants sign contract with union boses. They call their union the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS local 666. They want to be able to use 1 social security number for 10 employee's per workplace. They also want to drug dealer to be classified as employment. Union members will be allowed 1 death by intoxicated use of motor vehicle per 6 months, or 2 each year. They will also be allowed 25 driving on suspends per year. Every one in one house will be allowed the use of 1 drivers license. they demand the name change from single family dwelling to not more than 100 dwelling. Companies only open during 1 shift will now have to offer 3 shifts to allow for sleeping shifts at residences. All workplaces will have places of prayer, and allow unlimmited use (on the clock) for said prayer.

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