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Ice looked great to me.....
February 28, 2011 | 10:51 AM

I was very disappointed to hear that the Can/Am even was cancelled this past weekend, but am not sure if the ice condition is really to blame. I was out on Lake Como this weekend via snowmobile and the ice seemed fine to me. Also, we talked to some fishermen who said the ice was 8-10 inches thick where they were fishing and we also stopped to watch some motorcycles race on the ice as well. You would think that if the ice was safe to race motorcycles, it would be safe for hockey as well. Still confused as to why the event was cancelled, we drove over to where the ice rinks were for the games, and they were slick and smooth as, well, ice!!!! I think there may have been some confusion between Can/Am and the lodge. I received an email from Can/Am earlier last week saying that the players were being relocated to a different location to stay, however the post game party was still to be at The Lodge in the bar there. When I called The Lodge to get more information, they said they knew nothing about any party being held on site. Definitely sounded like a lack of communication to me, but I appreciated Can/Am at least sending me another email telling me the event had been cancelled so that we could make other plans. Hopefully The Lodge gets their act together soon, as it really is a great place to stay and such a beautiful setting but has been mismanaged since it reopened. As far as for the Can/Am event, I hope they try again next year and hope it works out as I really think it would be alot of fun and a great event for the area in the winter.

Erin L
Lake Geneva
Walworth County