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I resent
March 01, 2011 | 02:39 PM

I resent the implications that public employees have not felt the fiscal dollar squeeze. Tell that to the 206 county workers who lost their jobs since Bretl took over. At the local level, most public employees are already paying into the health care package. Mine is at 10% already. So, basically, the "private" sector is pissed at the public sector because SOME of us are still working. Hmmmmm.....so that means that 19.9% (1032 in 2003, 826 in 2011 budget paperwork) of county employees who lost their jobs BEFORE the private sector felt a thing never felt it? Really?

As some other posters have mentioned - just wait until your services are cut...then you'll be screaming that we are lazy...shovel leaning....ingrates. Even with contributions into the system, existing contracts are STILL valid. So, what happens when Walker cuts the aid to local units and they CAN'T make it up due to the levy cap restrictions? Service levels MUST come down. Watch the roads crumble - watch the grass grow higher than your cars (this was bad last year - it will be insane this year). Remember and don't you dare call you local government units and complain about how unsightly or poorly maintained things are.

I'm expecting the bill to eventually pass. I'm not whining. I'll keep working like I've been doing. But, when / if the economy recovers and you private sector whiners start earning your double digit wages - remember that the public sector employees will still be taking it in the _ _ _ because once its gone - it never comes back.

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