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RE: Joe taxpayer
March 01, 2011 | 05:24 PM

I'll buy you a free ride to China so you can get started on Communism! It's not right to work pal, it's your gonna work until you fall down and die, don't worry you'll have plenty of family time, because children and all will be right next to you! Guess what at the end of a 18 hour day without a break, or medical care although you sewed through your palm, you all get to squeeze together and share a bunk bed next to all the other works, and you'll get your pay at the end of the month...GUESS WHAT YOU GET TO LEARN ALL ABOUT GUNS, because they will be up close and personal in every aspect of your life, usually pointed right at your head.
IF WISCONSIN/AMERICA HAS TO REGRESS TO THAT OF THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES TO KEEP BUSINESS, I SAY LEAVE! We will make it with out you. America started with a group on the Mayflower with nothing, not knowing nothing about the region.

Lake Geneva
Walworth County