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Quick test
March 02, 2011 | 10:02 AM

1. Why do the teachers have to buy insurance from their union, even though they could save $68 million each year if they got the same coverage elsewhere?

2. Why do they have tenure?

3. Why and how much does their right to viagra cost us each year?

4. If my daughter has 6 more kids in her class, will she really learn less? If so, prove it.

5. Bullying is not ok in school, but at the State Capital it is, why you are "sick" and unable to work?

6. Why could Steve Jobs not teach a class on the I Pad at a school in the State of Wisconsin?

7. Even though our overall ACT's represent the lowest scores in the global economy against such emerging countries such as India, China, Thialand, and we are spending about $12,000 per child for 8 months of schooling do we still need to throw even more money into the union abyss that is also known as our education system?

8. So if $12,000 is not enough, what number will finally end the whining? $20,000? $30,000?

9. Why are the teachers so against school choice and voucher programs?

10. How can private schools educate our children for about 1/2 the cost?

joe taxpayer
Walworth County