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Who is Leading Who on this Issue
March 02, 2011 | 10:59 PM

I would echo the comment by Jane the taxpayer. In addition, I'd like to add a bit regarding what I think is behind all this. As I stated in a column in the LGRN last week, there are vested interests who are after the unions, and are determined to gut their influence in future elections. If I could get a reasonable explanation of the exact budget numbers that are flying around in the governor's budget plan, I might gain a little more respect for our local Republican leadership. One part of the budget says that the union concessions save $300 M. Another part says one BILLION. What is the real story? I can not see one word or phase in this new budget that mentions what the savings would be due to the plan to drop all union bargaining. The "repair" budget sets the stage for an open ended set of cuts and lets the governor take a shot at pensions. The "final solution" is in the text of the budget bill that wipes out decades of work to get help for the teachers in our districts. In case you did not read it Mr. August, we are dropping nurses, advanced placement classes, all math and sciences extras, pre-school programs, and a host of other things. It will also be ok to cut the number of school days if a district needs the money. Try explaining all this to a college admission officer.

If the repair bill passes, there is no way to compensate for this. You already wrote the bill to block any tax increase without a 2/3 majority so I guess this is it for WI schools. I'm sure the guys who will pay less capital gains and business taxes appreciate your work. Whoever buys the state power plants will certainly do quite well since they can write off the entire gain when they sell them.

By the way, the budget does not mention the tax loss to the state and loss of jobs in our retail sectors when all these state employees earn less and further layoffs start happening. When you calculate that, you better start cutting deeper.

Dave Yost
Williams Bay
Walworth County