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Beginning of the end
March 03, 2011 | 10:54 AM

of a great little school with a lot of tradition of excellence. This all is just a sad state of affairs ... tired of hearing all the same old arguments ... teachers are overpaid, underworked, taxes are too high, unions are greedy, blah, blah, blah ... with all the crap we pay taxes for, maintaining high standards for education should be No. 1 on the list. You taxpayers in the Bay think the $200 a year extra to keep this school afloat was a lot to pay? Wait until the school has to close and there's a building there that still has an active mortgage on it that needs to be paid. When that happens and your taxes skyrocket even more, you'll wish you had paid the $200. The amount of greed and selfishness in this state makes my stomach turn. All I hear is "it's my money and you can't have it," or "I don't have kids in school, why should I have to pay?" Well, someone paid for you, me and everyone else when we were kids, and now it's our turn. I also don't have kids in school but would gladly pay to maintain an educated society and not one of idiots. You wait and watch those test scores plummet, graduation rates sink ... but that will probably go well with Walker's plan of busting the unions and filling the state with minimum wage jobs ... that will get him to the fake number of jobs that he vowed to create but will do nothing to help us out. Yes, we have to buckle down in a horrible economy, and the teachers are more than willing to do that. How is cutting thousands of teachers going to help out? You think they won't be collecting unemployment? With all these layoffs, how many huge purchases will be made to stimulate the economy and spending? We're in for a whole lot of you ain't seen nothing yet.

To those affected teachers, I know each and every one of you and have seen the great work you do in the classroom. All I can say is I'm sorry it came to this and hopefully you will land on your feet someday sooner rather than later.

Lake Geneva