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Collective Bargaining Comment
March 03, 2011 | 04:14 PM

I forgot to add in my comment that what Tyler is saying about collective bargaining is not true. He said that "The bill would also limit collective bargaining rights over benefits of certain public employees. The elimination of collective bargaining is a much-needed tool for local governments in the future." The bill eliminates collective bargaining for ANYTHING other than wages and effectively puts unions out of business because they would have to have elections every year to re-elect their leaders with a 51% vote. If a district decided to fire some teachers and outsource new ones, they could probably do so.

Re Enough's comment, I think organizations that lobby for change ought to at least be in WI. The union membership is local and the Americans for Prosperity people are funded from Kansas. While national union officials and others are supporting this fight, most of the people in Madison are WI citizens.

Williams Bay
Taste of Wisconsin
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