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Unions = Fall of America
March 03, 2011 | 05:56 PM

What part of this is so confusing? The unions that once helped this country have simply succumbed to greed and corruption, and if public sector unions are allowed to exist, they will be the nail in the coffin for this country...

Simplified: We pay taxes, the taxes pay the salaries of the public sector union employees, these union employees give their dues to the unions, the unions give their money to the politicians, who then bend over backwards to make the unions and their members happy.
How to make them happy? Benefits, higher wages, etc. etc. The politician won't keep his job if he doesn't make these concessions to the unions, so of course he does.

We will never be able to have job growth unless this is changed. I have heard many arguments like "wait til the unions strike and no one will pick up your garbage, fix and plow your roads, etc." Well, I've got news for you - when they all get fired (just like Reagan and the Air Traffic Controllers) there will be PLENTY of folks to fill in and take those jobs - just ask anyone who has been out of work for the past few years.

So go ahead, continue to resist, but in the end common sense and logic will prevail. It is a simple question: Do we want to prosper or simply turn in to a third-world country where there is nothing more than the have's and have-not's....

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