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TO: Dave
March 04, 2011 | 03:44 PM

On your comment about Global Warming. That term in my opinion is just another scare tactic just like Y2K was. Even if there was a Global Warming problem the United States is only 1 let me repeat 1 nation on this globe. We can not and should not bare the entire burden or responsibility of it or how to stop it. Look at a globe once and just look at the size of the United States compared to Europe, Asia, Middle East. There is where alot of this problem occurs also.
You know we talk about all the cost for plastics and all this throw away items costing the envionment. Well lets go back to deposits on bottles, repairablity on electronics. We would be amazed at how much landfills would diminish in size and how many more people would be back to work doing repairs, cleaning bottles. Putting people back to work would bring in more tax revenue and costs would begin to drop. That is a simple solution to 3 problems everyone talks about. 1)Global warming 2)Unemployment 3)Revenue. ITS SIMPLE!!!!
Everyone keeps saying how if unions are eliminated look at the problems we will have then. I say look at all the problems we have with them. Prices are way out of control because of unions. Let's level the playing field on wages and benefits and let public employees feel the pinch we in the private sector have no choice to feel. It is us lowly little private sector people who lose their jobs long before a union worker that pays the for the union wages and benefits they enjoy. While we sit here eating mac @ cheese trying to decide how we are going to survive. I have no sympathy on this matter. So please excuse me if I don't organize a tag day or cry a river.

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