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Stand together,or Die alone.
March 07, 2011 | 11:19 AM

UNIONS, are the only thing the other 99% of the population have left that keeps the corporate globalists from dismantling the AMERICAN DREAM. It allows people to stand together and demand a real wage. We have been told to believe, by paid for media and the governor, that the state is broke.IT IS NOT. No state is. The budget might show that but, the budget is only a small percentage of money the state uses for costs.There are trillions of dollars the state has that they use for savings, investments and private projects.Even though the economy is bad, yes it's bad, money doesn't stop coming in. All the taxes we pay for everything,registration fees,fines, it never stops.But they will have you believe it's the unions fault. That the state is broke,come on. Why do you think so many corporations have gone overseas? SO THEY DON'T HAVE TO PAY FOR LABOR. Yes they do pay people to work, but if you dug a little you would be shocked. The most prosperous time for America was the 50's-70's because the unions where strong. People stood together,demanded a good wage all for the simple idea of a better life.Now they are trying to take it all away.OUR BETTER LIFE.They have us fighting with each other about union wages when there is so much more going on with this bill that most people don't know about.What we need to do is stand together,yes unionize,and demand to know all parts of this bill and how we will be affected .Most people i talk to don't understand whats really going on.

Walworth County