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Further Comment on Money
March 07, 2011 | 02:00 PM

The previous comment arguing that union support is the only thing that is holding up the American Dream is only partially right. There are many, many people working for some very good companies that operate with a built-in principal of fairness. These firms pay well, allow their employees to have good health care insurance, and most importantly in my mind, insist on their employees to continue their education until they retire. I used to work for a firm like that and always voted on the side of teachers. While there are still firms like this, our tax laws and the general movement towards short term profit has made the executive suite in corporate America far more profitable than those in the cubicles.

As for global warming, I guess we will wait for the Arctic ice shelf to melt. I told our new Senator Ron "Sunspot" Johnson that it will happen in his first term. He does not care less. Firms like Koch Industries have bought him hook line and sinker. If unions lose this one, the Koch's, who have enormous interests in oil, only need to buy more US senators and we are literally cooked. I guess we might retain more snowbirds who will stay in WI though.

Willams Bay
Taste of Wisconsin