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report print email Source: Editorial: Up to seven Bay teachers could lose jobs
Wow, Where to begin?
March 07, 2011 | 07:56 PM

My guess is Tonya and concerned are the same person spouting the same rhetoric, but we'll never know. I'd recommend a lobotomy, but it sounds like one has already been done on "them".

"The fact is the Republicans will not negotiate."
Maybe you didn't catch the Governor's press conference, but they have been trying to negotiate. Senator Miller stated to the Wall Street Journal (to paraphrase) that something was in the works then a day later denied it. Maybe his union overlords spanked him and told him to go back to his room.

"Collective bargaining is exponential to quality of life, for union or non union. The Chinese do not have collective bargaining..."
Neither do FEDERAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES for anything other than wages. Doesn't seem to be negatively effecting their lives now does it.

"The sale of Wisconsin assets, such as but not limited to POWER PLANTS, with NO BID CONTRACTS to be only acknowledged and approved by the state legislature."
You mean like Jimmy D's Talgo deal? Where was your sense of outrage when this was going on or doesn't that count since it was a DEMOCRAT'S NO BID DEAL?

"The education of the state is under assault."
No, the only thing under assault is outrageous teacher benefits. Those benefit cuts don't affect education in any way, it only effects the teachers. if it's TRULY "about the children", why the distortion? As a matter of fact, if we cut those outrageous benefits, maybe there'd BE MORE MONEY FOR EDUCATION and hence more "for the children".

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