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Please Tonya
March 09, 2011 | 11:53 AM

YOU said you weren't a democrat. Your rhetoric speaks otherwise. I'm just commenting on that and personally based on that rhetoric, I don't care to know you.

So, you seem to have a problem with the Koch's donating to American's for Prosperity and the Tea Party. So what? They're just as free to donate to groups that have their interests in mind as George Soros does to donate to his "causes". Tell me, do you have the same problem with Georgie donating to those groups or doesn't it matter when those groups think the same way as you?

There's a big difference between union "donations" and donations made by corporations. A corporation takes profits made through sale of goods or services and decides to donate to candidates that support their beliefs. People who buy those goods a services or investors have A CHOICE whether or not to do business with that corporation. What CHOICE do those union members have? They're REQUIRED to join da union if they want to work for the state. They're REQUIRED to pay those dues to da union which fund those donations regardless if their personal views match that of da union. Not exactly a free enterprise system is it? Kinda hard to make the argument that unions are donating based on the views of their membership when membership isn't an option.

All candidates should SHARE EQUALLY in the taxpayer money pool? Not much on for free speech are you? People running for office should be able to raise as much money as they can and people should be able to donate to those people and causes they agree with. I for one can't stand BHO, but I certainly wouldn't deny him the ability to raise money or deny those who support him to donate. That's where you'll find the people's money.....

Enough Already
Lake Geneva
Walworth County