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report print email Source: Editorial: Despite cloudy future, Bay School Board to plan ahead
Fair et al
March 16, 2011 | 10:46 AM

I have a better idea! How about those who are collecting social security - but don't need the funds (those with retirement accounts or investments of substantial means) are allowed a TAX CREDIT equal to the amount of social security they WOULD be entitled to but don't actually have to take it and get to charge it off against the retirement pension taxes the State imposes and against capital gain taxes that the federal gov't imposes?

And I agree - school boards are supposed to be there for their "consumer's" - the children of the taxpayers. Sometimes you have a parent & teacher who are filling two stakeholder roles. Also,
I personally know families that have taken the social security payment even though they had more than enough investments to fund their retirement and they give it to children and grandchildren. I don't blame them - its their $$ - but why not offer this as a solution. It may even extend the social security fund beyond the predicted life expectancy it has now.

Jane Taxpayer
Walworth County