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Legitimate Great Deal for Delavan
March 18, 2011 | 09:10 AM

The comment about tax exempt status is incorrect. Lake Lawn will operate as it has for the past 100+ years, as a resort, not a religious retreat. There are plans by the new owners to protect the resort from future foreclosures by allocating specific parts into Charitable trusts, so that it can never be sold to someone who would mismanage it again.

The investors involved are philanthropic people who have an interest in seeing Lake Lawn returned to it's former glory and to see local people (over 300 jobs) get back to work. Room taxes will be paid by guests that will go to the county and village. The rooms are owned by individuals who PAY real estate taxes, so any comments that property taxes will not be paid is misinformed.

The resort will collect sales taxes from it's food, beverage, catering, groups and wedding sales and every business in the area will benefit from people coming back to Delavan and spending their money there. I wish people would see the benefit of things instead of shooting from the hip and guessing about what would go on.

Even if the resort had tax exempt status which it doesn't, there is nothing better for the city and town of Delavan than having someone willing to absorb the costs of getting Lake Lawn Resort back open again. This is a huge benefit for the people and businesses of the area.

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