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God, where to start....
March 21, 2011 | 11:19 AM

1) Does it really matter who decided to teach the air traffic controllers a lesson? The point was it was a lesson that needed to be taught, mainly that the unions don't dictate to us, we dictate to them.

2) This recent battle in Madison had NOTHING to do with fighting for what's deserved, it had EVERYTHING to do with power. Guess what, even with the budget repair bill, those poor union folks are still getting a good wage and better benefits that most. What they objected to was this bill took away their ability to bully local taxing bodies. Their argument that they agreed to pay more for those benefits is a total joke. The unions knew (and would never admit) that as long as the rules of collective bargaining didn't change, they could simply wait it out till a new administration took office then "bargain" those giveaways back and then some. Not much of a "sacrifice" is it?

3) Just where does the mindset come from that anyone OWES you anything? Where does the mindset come from that you're ENTITLED to a share of what others have? It doesn't matter whether it's a small business or a huge corporation, as an employee, you agree to do a job and in return, they agree to compensate you (salary, benefits, etc.). It is NOT your God given right to anything else. It simply amazes me the arrogance of some people to think that they somehow deserve "a share of the profits". If you want a bigger piece of the pie, either put yourself in a position to be more valuable to your employer or become the employer. Start a business, take the risk, put in the work required to make it a success. I'll bet you'll be a lot less sympathetic when people think their entitled to more of the pie when it's YOUR PIE.

4) The death threats were done by a Republican Antagonist? Really? Really? WHat is it with lefties and their conspiracy theories? First it's the Koch brothers, then it's the Republicans making the death threats against their own people. Time to take the tin foil hat off and get a grip on reality.

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