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March 22, 2011 | 02:16 PM

It would be of benefit to have a portion of the resort in conservation easement, or the entirety as a charitable institution. The problem currently is bad economic times and cash flow. Making the resort "work" as a profitable institution will rely on giving tax-exempt status to much of the taxable land usage ratios. How this will ultimately effect ownership of condo-hotel interests is unclear. But knowing Sal and Jim's business and charitable backgrounds, the venue is in better hands that sitting dormant as a bank foreclosure. Unfortunately, the resort lacks a “hook” (a necessary differentiation, novelty or attractive feature) available at other resorts. Dog racing didn’t work in Delavan, and LL could end up being another white elephant. The primary problem before (and now) are 50-150 salaries and the seasonal employees. The overhead and maintenance alone is unrealistic based on room rates and heads-in-beds during the last 5 calendar years. I would suggest perhaps a life rejuvenation and anti-aging facility, with part-time, board certified physicians who offer baby-boomers the treatments (oxygen and chelation therapies, steroid, growth, menopause, beauty, strength and weight loss camps for elderly or overweight, etc.), and a private spa for the affluent. Cater to actors, athletes, authors, artists and aeronautic affinity groups. What midwestern music, sport or film/TV personality wouldn't love to be catered to with complimentary lodging, as long as they hold press conferences, public speaking engagements or performances while being endulged at LL's rejuvination spa. The community will come in to meet-and-greet such personalities, after performances, and the venue will become popular year round. Why spend $2000 for a 4 day weekend if you are going to return home fatter, older, uglier and more tired than when you left on your vacation. I think an event coordinator, dietician, wellness staff and real doctors could turn LL from a typical resort, into a holistic and healing retreat destination. I think artists, authors and actors could bring in world-class performances similar to George Williams College "Music By The Lake".

Troy Allen Dyer
Lake Geneva, WI
Taste of Wisconsin