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Robots in Government
March 23, 2011 | 12:02 PM

Mr. August,

What is the point of this? This entire letter sounds and looks like a regurgitated Scott Walker speech. Quite frankly, this pathetic excuse for an informative piece disgusts me. I am sick and tired of you Republican robots repeating information without doing your own research first.

I am also sick and tired of hearing that anyone with a differing opinion is a fear-mongering liberal SOCIALIST spewing conspiraciy theories. (Which by the way, I hear the right-wing arguments that it is unfair that the public employess are paid more/have better benefits than their private sector counterparts, and as you Mr. August stated, "The contributions are still less than those in the private sector despite, according to an analysis by USA Today, government employees in Wisconsin making more than their private sector counterparts."----This leads me to believe that what you want is for everyone to get the same amount of pay and benefit, no matter if they are public or private, college-educted or not----AND to me that sounds a little (OK A LOT) like the beginning of SOCIALISM)

Furthermore, you and your fellow Republitards keep spewing the false statements that this is about protecting jobs and even more about creating jobs in the future. BullShit. By eliminating collective bargaining, and giving local governments the "tools" needed to adjust for the ridiculous amount of aid that is being cut from the public education system (absolutely appaling and disgusting by the way---unbelieveable how the rich were able to make all their money, evade paying so many taxes, pay off politicians to pass even more laws to keep their wealth flowing at ridiculous rates (while the middle class stays stagnant), privatize things that should never be privatized to get even more money, and when it appears their is no money anywhere, to turn around and blame the unions for taking all the money (AND convinvce uneducated folks that it is the unions & public sector's fault so that one half of the middle class fights with the other half, all the while the top 1% of the wealthiest people now own more than 950 times more than the bottom 90%---a number that is now larger than it was right before this country went into the Great Depression). As i was saying, the "tools" you are referring to is just code for LOST JOBS. Without collective bargaining for teachers, the BEST and BRIGHTEST teachers will NOT stay or be allowed to stay in Wisconsin. For example in one school district, EVERYONE'S SALARY was reduced to $29,000---no matter what you were at before. There will be no job security for teachers--after they have been at a school for 5 years and their pay is starting to get a little too high, nothing will be able to stop the school district from letting the 5 year teacher go and hiring a brand new teacher at the lowest salary possible and restarting the cycle.

I would love a response from Mr. August on these topics, but I know he isn't allowed to think or speak for hisself. PATHETIC, Mr. August.

P.S. I am a teacher in Wisconsin, rather I should say that I was a teacher in Wisconsin. I have a Master's degree and I continue my education every summer by taking classes. I've received several awards from the district and state for my outstanding service. I have already submitted my resume to a few schools in other states that treat teachers with respect, interviewed, and signed a contract for the following year. I will continue to shape the young minds of America to the best of my ability, just NOT in the state of Wisconsin. Good-Bye.

Walworth County