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RE: Fed Up
April 05, 2011 | 01:26 PM

You made this comment about Tyler: "He doesn't own a home, he is not married and has no children, and is not a business owner. So how the heck can he possibly understand where I am coming from? I want my children to get the best education possible; I want to keep my business doors open. I want to keep my house. He has no way to relate to most of the tax payers in this state; he doesn't even pay property taxes himself. Did I want someone that moonlights as a bouncer at a bar representing me? Absolutely not. He is a joke, and a very bad one at that. Thanks Tyler, for shoving down my throat what Scott Walker already said. Did you even try to put it in your own words? Joke." Are you saying that anyone who doesn't 1) own property 2) have Kids 3) have a business and 4) has a 2nd job to make ends meet doesn't deserve the right to run for office?
Let's just say those who were in office prior to him didn't do such a great job. Because he and the other newly elected officials in this state and country inherited the problems we are going thru at this moment. Now these same people who voted for change can't except it because it cuts into their entitlements given them from the previous elected officials. Speaking of entitlements, I do not believe, Social Security, Unemployment insurance, Medicare, Medicaid are entitlements. Entitlements are give me's, I paid into each of these programs So I am only taking what I paid in.
This country is in some really serious trouble and everyone needs to accept some of the medicine to fix it or this country is lost. I want every politician out there Locally, County, State and Federal to stop grandstanding for future votes and do the job they were elected to do and stop holding my life hostage and future generations hostage. If we don't get this country straightened up and soon votes won't matter at all.

Walworth County