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Actions Speak Louder Than Words - Fed Up even more.
April 06, 2011 | 10:02 AM

I'm not snotty, I'm being realistic. Without feeling the impact of property taxes on his own budget, I find it difficult to swallow that he has a say in how my property taxes are being spent. And as for you not having children and upset about money going to school systems, how quickly you forget there were plenty of unmarried people without children funding YOUR education when you attended school (assuming you did). My point is in our community, in my opinion he didn't win because he was the best candidate, he won for many other reasons, one being that his family has been here for many generations, and he told me himself at a meeting he was banking on that to help him get elected.
As for basing your opinion on how he votes, how's that looking so far? He basically regurgitates Scott Walker verbatum, and I don't think he's really looking for everyone's best interest - he's looking for approval from Gov. Walker to hopefully help him further his political career. I'm going to say that a good percentage of tax payers in this county are married, with children. So why wouldn't I want someone in office that understands the plight of so many people in this county? And why wouldn't we want the best education for our youth - they are our future aferall, even if you dont' have children, you should be able to recognize that. And for the record, according to you, many parents wan the "Taj Mahal" for their children - guess what, we aren't even close. Have you looked at the funding for schools? How about teachers in Walworth County's salaries? How about the number of teachers (at least in my children's school) that use their own money for classroom supplies?
W.H. - I am merely stating why I didn't vote for Tyler, and what I was looking for in my representative. I would vote for who I thought could do the best job. And it wasn't Tyler. I'm not saying the system is broken. But what I am saying is from what I've seen so far, I'm not impressed.

Fed Up
Walworth County