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Prosperity for Whom
April 06, 2011 | 11:06 AM

Mr. Ryan is correct. There is a train wreck here but its not the 2010 Health Care Bill. The real wreck is the proposal to gut Medicare to the extent that it will cease to exist. I guess you can claim millions in government savings but how are our seniors going to pay their health care insurance premiums? Right now, I'm getting a partially subsidized health care plan from my previous employer. I still pay over $500 a month for this thing and the only way I'm going to stay solvent is when I go on Medicare later this year. Tell the people who are about 54 in your district, Mr. Ryan, what they will actually have to pay in premiums per month in 10 years and what kind of deal they are going to get. If you and your fellow Republicans are so dead set against health care reform, how is it that this thing will work? Medicare needs to be fixed, not killed and a number of major steps to get it fixed and improved are in the Health Care Bill and it is working.

I think the issue here is that many seniors who are now on Medicare are not reading this side of the story and they are not getting the message that a proposal like this comes out of a group called the Heritage Foundation. They have their own models of the economy and can make things come out any way they want. I doubt that their model even considers the income loss for seniors. Lets see the CBO model this plan and show us what it is really going to cost the government and our seniors.

If the Medicare plan is not bad enough, look at the state grants to move Medicaid to a state basis. Then governors like ours can kill it completely if they have their legislature behind them. Medicare is a mess but it cannot work if states can simply wash their hands on their poor and disabled. Again, the Health Care Bill moves us in a forward direction in this area too.

Finally, Mr. Ryan, I suggest you can gain the same cuts to our debt by not cutting tax rates to 25% but hiking the high end to 40% and doubling the capital gains tax on high earners. These are the ones who made out like bandits while others went looking for jobs. The last time our country was on a path to prosperity was before Ronald Reagan was duped into cutting the upper tax rate to 28%. Look up the charts that show our national debt vs GDP and you will see proof of what I am talking about.

Dave Yost
Williams Bay