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Cong. Ryan v. Obama
April 13, 2011 | 01:19 PM

Why is everyone making the assumption that Obama is a dem shoo in. He's not all that popular with his own party right now either. At this point even HIllary looks better! When the election primary was locked in for the Republicans in 2008 - I HAD to narrow that field of dems....regretfully - I selected Obama as I thought Hillary would be a repeat of Bill. Now I really really wish I had made a different selection. Hillary isn't done yet! I think she's got more left in her and BIll is already trashing Obama on his decisions re: Libya. Kind of a prelim if you ask me. I don't think a miracle will occur that will turn Obama back into the dem darling he was in 08. He's got some work to do to secure the nom.

I don't believe Ryan will run period in 2012. He's stated as much publicly as he has a very young family. I do believe we'll see him in 2016. There are facebook pages already pushing him for 2012. However, your analysis of the Republican party is right on. There just isn't any viable candidates.

I waffle between the dems' win as the reps have no stand out and the people are so po'd at the dems that they will vote for anyone or to the dems win because the reps are not successful in killing Obamacare or the reps win because the economy tanks even further than it has right now...what a mess.

Walworth County