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Do you have a better solution?
April 14, 2011 | 05:05 PM

Sometimes it's very difficult to educate the stubborn. There is absolutely zero reason to not vote for this referendum. The temporary tax increase the district residents would pay would have been much less than any other solution out there. Consolidation is going to cost every resident within the district more. Not only would we be consolidating with a district that has a higher MIL rate (which we would automatically be stuck with) but both districts mentioned (Trevor & Fontana) would certainly need to expand their current schools likely costing more than the failed referendum was asking for.

The problem is we have several "prominent" (when I say prominent I basically just mean they've been here forever) residents within the district that will never vote to help out our school even though every single one of their children received an education at Reek. It's a constant small-town problem when a few families seem to control way too much. You see it all of the time which is why the township should incorporate term limits on ALL elected positions as well as a strict policy against nepotism (but we'll have to deal with that later).

The school will have to go to referendum again and I certainly hope a better marketing campaign is put into play. This referendum is a no-brainer... but the "other solutions" thrown around need to be discussed and the implications of them need to be addressed much more thoroughly because none of them are good solutions.

Keep in mind... this was not a referendum about teacher's salaries or benifits, class sizes or keeping unnecessary programs. This referendum is about the actual school building and that is something you cannot just walk away from. The longer you wait... the more it will cost. It's time to take advantage of very competitive construction and labor costs and we are in jeopardy of missing the boat on that as well.

Reek School Supporter
Linn Township
Taste of Wisconsin
Walworth County