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There is a better solution.
April 15, 2011 | 08:47 AM

The best solution is to combine the school distrcits and tear Reek down. How about taking a head count. How many of the 130 students are the children of non tax paying parents (parents who aren't even American citizens)? How many don't even truly reside in the district, but use someone else's address so their kids can to go to a very small private like school ? Does the head administrator for Reek live in the Linn school district? It's real easy to spend someone elses money when it doesn't come out of your pocket. Don't point fingers at the expenditures in other towns like Williams Bay and Fontana. Just because those villages spent money irresponsibly does not mean Linn has to do the same thing. It's nice to take advantage of people who have vacation homes here and can't vote, but they can pay for this. I believe it's called taxation without representation. So see, there is a better solution, tear it down!

Reek reeks
Walworth County