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Reek School Tax Payers
April 15, 2011 | 11:32 AM

I don't know Lillian well. But it sounds like she comes from the Badger Union High area school of referendum passing. Just keep sticking it out there until you get your yes vote! BHS started with huge dollar additions during Harry Van Dyke's tenure...when it got voted down - they broke it up into smaller pieces and kept hammering away until you have the Taj Mahal we have now. I do think Gottinger has done a much better job of managing the district than Van Dyke did. I also have two kids in the BHS district and one in Reek -just thougth I'd throw that out there for the sake of honestly.

But, I can't afford another multi-million dollar project. I don't give a damn what the old "but its pennies on the mill rate" group will try and shove down our throat. I don't have one of those high property value homes Ms. Henderson is talking about. I can't afford anymore taxes. As Same B.S. pointed out - the population of Reek is NOT growing - and even if the area had significant developing areas - the ecomony is killing development too. How are we going to pay for this AND why the heck don't these blasted teachers/administrators and school supporting wackos' get it!@#!!

Conservative Reek Parent
Walworth County