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Do you have a better solution?
April 15, 2011 | 02:23 PM

Tear down Reek and do what? Join Trevor? Read the article... that puts us into their $3.72 mil rate which is substantially higher than what the mil rate would have been even if the referendum had passed. I realize these are tough times but you have to realize that if the Linn Jt. 6 district consolidates with any of these other districts you will automatically be put into their "tax bracket" if you will. This isn't a question of whether we should pay a little bit more or pay no more. It's a question of whether we should pay a little bit more or a lot more. Do the math... that's all that I'm asking. Even if we jump to Fontana's mil of $2.57, which is substantially lower than Trevor, it is still more than what it would have been if the referendum had passed. I'm having a hard time figuring out why that is so hard to understand. Also, keep in mind that these are the current mil rates... if either school had to add 130 children they would likely need to expand and the rate would go up.

Also, your assinine statement about hispanics is ridiculous. I have two children at Reek now and one on the way. The hispanic population at the school is not much at all and either way it makes no difference. Everyone in the district lives in a house somewhere and the owner of that house is certainly paying their real estate taxes. I don't see any tents on the side of the road where people live so wherever it is they reside taxes are being paid one way or the other. The issue you address is on income taxes which in no way affects the school.

Your right... Dr. Henderson does not live in the district. What does that matter? She has been a great supporter of Reek School and our children. Just an FYI - administrators are not paid depending on the size of the referendum they pass. Any discussion to the contrary is just an absolute waste of time.

So, again I ask, do you have a better, more economical solution? Everyone in this district matters and this is an issue that is worth debate. But don't just throw around the "tear it down" or "consolidate" ideas because they WILL NOT be less expensive. If you truly believe that consolidation is a more economical solution please clarify because I simply do not see it.

Re: "Conservative Reek Parent": Nobody is talking about Badger High School so please don't bore us with their history or situation. If you live in our district and pay taxes but decide to send your kids to Badger than maybe you should pick up and move to Lake Geneva proper and enjoy their tax rates.

Reek School Supporter
Linn Township, WI
Walworth County