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report print email Source: Editorial: Server law won’t get special emphasis in Walworth County
RE: Ex-Server
April 17, 2011 | 10:16 PM

Your point is well taken. I have been thinking of becoming a licensed Bartender. But, after reading this article I am having second and third thoughts. Whatever happened to a person who is age 21 being responsible for their own actions? The way things are today no one takes responsiblity for anything they do and that is why we have problems today. I believe a person who goes into a bar or any place that sells alcohol should solely be responsible for the amount of consumption on their part. It should not be the responsibility of the server to have to make that judgment. Yes a Bartender can cut someone off if they feel that person has had to much. But, then in many cases that person gets angry and causes a disturbance. These are the same people who insist they be served another drink, they say they have their rights and then go out and cause an accident. At that point they blame the establishment for over serving. This is wrong.

Thinking twice!!
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