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Come up for air, your way too deep
April 18, 2011 | 02:06 PM

Here's the City of Lake Geneva trying to borrow $3M to address infrastructure, new plows, road repairs, you name it. Here we are trying to get snooked into $3.9 million for one little (very little) country school. Where is every dime of this going. If the school is in such disrepair, why hasn't it been closed already or cited by inspectors. Why can you still hold public community events like a pancake breakfast or craft show at this decrepit 'unsafe for children' building. In earlier comments, who said anything about Hispanics?? That person is someone defending this atrocity by playing the race card. The other response was about 'non-citizens'. Also, how many of the 130 kids parents are renters and don't have to be troubled with tax issues (call the landlord, he can pay it).
Williams Bay just dropped four teachers and administrative staff are going to follow because the funds aren't there and here you are making a huge push for a school that has long outlived it's location. Why is everyone upset, they're going to back door it and if every dime isn't accounted for and someone gets a bonus and it's not all about educating kids, I pray they go to prison!

Dollars and NO sense ...
Walworth County