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report print email Source: Editorial: Bay cuts 4 teaching jobs
Said B 4 & saying again...
April 20, 2011 | 02:27 PM

You didn't need that many teachers to begin with & you should learn to make your own cutbacks to help everyone instead of just thinking of your own pockets.

However, let everyone of the people working there in that district take a 10% cut in pay to help keep some of those teachers keep their jobs if you really want them.

Learn that EVERYONE needs to cut back. Quite whining and take a 10% cut in pay & remember that at least you have a job!

I can guarantee that not one person will do this or even THINK of bringing the idea up. You really don't give a crap about their jobs you just want something to B&C about.

Anyone want to put a $50.00 bet on this?

Walworth County